Sunday 13 January 2013

Weaver to Weaver

Happy New Year everyone. One of my resolutions this year is to use this blog so here goes!

Last November Meg suggested a weavers exchange.  The idea was to share with other weavers some of our 'weaverly feelings or thinking'. We were to send an envelope cotaining small free or inexpensive items that inspire us as weavers to another weaver.  A kind of weavers' hello'. We could send up to three envelopes and would receive the same number in return.  I decided to send three envelopes as I love these sort of exchanges and contacting weavers from around the world.  I sent to Meg in New Zealand, Jane in England and Helen in Australia and in return I received envelopes from Meg , Kaz  from Australia and Helen.

This was a great idea.  Sending something to another weaver was harder than I first thought, especially when you are sending to someone you have never met. It took me quite a while to decide what to send and eventually I sent similar, but not the same, items to each of my recipients.  I sent photographs, threads, art stuff, pieces of weaving and photo copies of things which inspire me.  I received equally thought provoking things in return.

Now three envelopes containing interesting things sit on my table. Once I have photographed the contents I will share my thoughts with you.

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  1. Julie, good to see you back blogging. Looking forward to seeing your photos in the exchange.